Infrastructure, System Integration and Prototypes


Software Ecosystems

1) Ecosystems

Clouds and Clients

As computing power and storage capacity continue to grow dramatically, slow networks and laggy connections often become a bottle neck. In Germany, even with VDSL and LTE available now, this will continue to be a challenge for carriers, especially considering the steady growth of traffic from mobile devices.

Fast and secure distribution of apps and contents can be accomplished via brokers or “stores” that can take care of payment, security, curation and legal issues. Hence it becomes clear how healthy hardware / software ecosystems are vital for the distribution of virtual goods and services, and therefore for the success of global companies.



2) Cross-functional ManagementIntercultural Technology Consulting

Interconnected worlds

Products and services are more interwoven today than ever before. A central topic is how to communicate a company’s offerings in the context of different cultures and countries. In many cases it is not enough to provide a list of features; companies must specifically address user cases and needs.

Today’s customers need to understand IT products in order to accept and purchase them. Key is communication of values which define every culture, be it national or corporate culture. Here, social media can help to improve transparency and communication.



3) Emerging TechnologiesHeuristic Prototyping

Strategic Prototyping

Corporations have strategic planning departments staffed by analysts who work with top executives to develop direction. The more traditional approach used in business is to develop plans that are highly analytical and data-driven, producing projections and measurable consequences which eventually serve as targets for success. In the field of emerging technologies however, this approach is not feasible since there are to many unknowns. That's why strategic prototyping is essential.

Every software design process starts with a use case analysis. But what is in greatest demand today isn’t analysis but in synthesis, recognizing patterns, crossing boundaries to uncover hidden connections and making bold leaps of imagination.