Tokyo-Munich FinTech Symposium

Introducing Tokyo’s FinTech and InsureTech startup scene

The financial industry today is being challenged by new digital services and business models regarding payment systems, funding and investment schemes, insurance related applications as well as data security solutions. Many of these innovations arise from startup ventures. The number of FinTech and InsureTech startups is large and they are spread around the globe, which makes it hard to track developments and to predict from where new winning applications or even business revolutions will come. An increasingly active, but still largely neglected startup ecosystem for FinTech and InsureTech solutions has been developing in Japan, especially in Tokyo.

We invited entrepreneurs and business angels from the Tokyo based FinTech and InsureTech startup scene to present the most up-to-date business ideas, solutions and visions to a professional German audience comprised of representatives from the German financial industry as well as venture capitalists and startups.

This event contributed to bridging the gap in knowledge about Tokyo’s startup scene while at the same time providing a platform for exchanging ideas and for networking between new Japanese entrepreneurs and established German financial service providers.