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Business Cloud

ownCloud + Nextcloud Hosting

For businesses looking to take back full control of their data, we provide file hosting services trusted world wide, specifically, ownCloud and Nextcloud. As an open source project, there are no hidden agendas to the terms of use. Those looking for alternatives to Google Drive or Dropbox will find ownCloud and Nextcloud has not only all the same functions, but an abundance of optional and customisable features that will substantially upgrade the file sharing experience for you and your clients.


  • edit / share documents from mobile
  • sync files across desktop and devices
  • automatically manage and share photos from mobile, encrypted
  • be in full control of your own data
  • freely access your Amazon, Google, Dropbox and other cloud accounts via your Nextcloud account


  • track changes made to files
  • track downloads and sharing
  • share /sync contacts
  • share/sync calendars
  • private call functionalities
  • conference call functionalities
  • video calls and screen sharing


  • Enterprise class security
  • validated by industry standard testing
  • integrates with existing event logging
  • integrates with existing backup tools
  • German GmbH company
  • compliant with strictest EU laws
  • encrypt/decrypt file function


Strengthen your corporate identity. Have your cloud sharing site custom designed with your branding, and show your clients you’re in full control of all operations.